Artists Les Belgicains Style Afro, Rumba, Reissue Release Date 7 Jun 2024 Cat No. COVADIA001 Format 12" Vinyl, Gatefold - Covadia - Vinyl Record

Les Belgicains - Na Tango Ya Covadia 1964-1970

LABEL:   Covadia

ARTISTS: Les Belgicains
RELEASE DATE: 2024-06-21
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl, Gatefold
STYLE: Afro, Rumba, Reissue

The compilation ‘Les Belgicains – Na Tango Ya Covadia 1964-1970’ (‘Les Belgicains’ during the time of Covadia 1964-1970) tells the remarkable story of the first Congolese student orchestras in Belgium. During that time Congolese referred to countrymen living in Belgium as ‘Les Belgicains’. The Congolese Rumba presented on this compilation blew a new, fresh wind through the musical landscape of Congolese popular music under the supervision of the legendary editor and producer Nikiforos Cavvadias (Ngoma label). All tracks are remastered from the original tapes. This album is available in a deluxe vinyl edition with gatefold sleeve (1LP) + insert.

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