Maara - Goddess Within - Artists Maara Genre Progressive, Breaks Release Date April 18, 2022 Cat No. RADIANTLOVE004 Format 12" Vinyl - Radiant Love - Radiant Love - Radiant Love - Maara - Goddess Within - Radiant Love - Radiant Love - Vinyl Record

Maara - Goddess Within

LABEL:   Radiant Love

RELEASE DATE: 2022-04-18
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Progressive, Breaks

There is a culturally and perhaps spiritually bonded link between electronic dance music and what could be called most generally ‘the feminine divine’. In subgenres more oriented to trance and EDM, the vocal sample or progression is almost always uttered by a woman, unlike the variously-sexed divas of house; if divinity is invoked, it is less often a biblical God than some Gaia-derivative. Radiant Love’s fifth release, Goddess Within by the Montreal-based producer Maara, steps into this lineage stretching from Magna Mater to disco queen – Maara’s articulation of the feminine divine, however, is often off-hand, ringing at once sincere and deeply cheeky.

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