Mark Hand & Neil Iceton - 'Holiday In Beta Centauri' Vinyl - Artists Mark Hand & Neil Iceton Genre Detroit Techno Release Date 19 Apr 2022 Cat No. INN8005 Format 12" Vinyl - Innate - Innate - Innate - Innate - Vinyl Record

Mark Hand & Neil Iceton - 'Holiday In Beta Centauri' Vinyl

LABEL:   Innate

ARTISTS: Mark Hand & Neil Iceton
RELEASE DATE: 2022-04-19
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Detroit Techno

Media Condition: Near Mint

Sleeve Condition: Near Mint

"Way back in the 1990s, Mark Hand, Neil Iceton & Jez Nicholl channelled their love of sci-fi-fired Motor City techno into a string of inspired releases under the alias Cubic Space Collective.

After reuniting for a memorable machine jam at Freerotation festival in 2016, Hand & Iceton headed back into the studio for a one-off session and recorded 'Holiday in Beta Centauri', a musical love letter to Mad Mike and the rest of Detroit's most militant futurist techno crew.

Sending us surging skywards via 'Binary System', where lilting lead lines, fizzing electronics and enveloping chords dance atop a snappy, cymbal-heavy drum machine rhythm, before 'Arps in Hyperspace' sees them step things up a notch via layered waves of synths, sparkling melodies and a driving, hyper-speed groove.

The North-East-based twosome then attempt to warm us to the core in the shape of 'Rigil': restless organ stabs, undulating Michigan bass, alien electronics, psychedelic acid lines and Galaxy 2 Galaxy style chords catching the ear. Bringing us gently back down to earth, they complete their deep space mission with 'Beyond The Nebula (Holiday in Beta Centauri)', a bustling electro number full of stabbing analogue bass, star-burst electronics, meditative ambient chords that shimmer full of night-sky melodies.

A fine return to action for this Teesside UR-loving techno twosome... 3,167 miles away in Detroit, their achievement will be noted."

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