Max Frith - Fade / Slipstream - Artists Max Frith Genre UK Garage, Bass Release Date Cat No. MF001 Format 12" Vinyl - Max Frith - Max Frith - Max Frith - Max Frith - Vinyl Record

Max Frith - Fade / Slipstream [Warehouse Find]

LABEL:   Max Frith

ARTISTS: Max Frith
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: UK Garage, Bass

MF001 marks the introduction of UK artist / producer Max Frith. Having made music since his early teens and now in his early twenties, this 10,000 hours honing in on self-education and exploration has resulted in a keen ability to be meticulous in his output. ‘Fade’ is an almost suppressed UKG, chord progressions running in the opposite direction of is elder cousin’s dancefloor swagger, right out the door and on the night bus home. Slipstream works to exemplify the attention to detail Max has managed to work into his productions, successfully unifying anxious percussion carried with cloud-like ambience.

Fade / Slipstream is release #1 of three incoming 12”s that will put the breadth of proficiency on display of the newcomer. Right now in 2020 the talent and ambition of Max Firth is exactly what we need, thankfully choosing not to heed the advice of the UK government and re-train to work in ‘cyber’.

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