Mikey Melody - Soldier In Town - Mikey Melody - Soldier In Town - Artists Mikey Melody Style Dancehall Release Date 1 Jan 2019 Cat No. JAMWAXMAXI22 Format 12" Vinyl - Jamwax - Jamwax - Jamwax - Mikey Melody - Soldier In Town - Jamwax - Jamwax - Vinyl Record

Mikey Melody - Soldier In Town

LABEL:   Jamwax

ARTISTS: Mikey Melody
RELEASE DATE: 2019-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Dancehall

Michael Edgehill aka Mikey Melody was born in the parish of Portland, Jamaica. As a youth he constantly raised his voice in song and performing with sound system in the neighborhood community. Known by his sweet voice, his friends gave him the nickname «Mikey Melody». Mikey Melody was influenced by 60’s and 70’s US R&B icons and Jamaican singers like Bob Marley, Sugar Minott, Burning Spear, Dennis Brown, Bob Andy and Half Pint. In the 1980’s he went to Kingston and was identified early by Lord Sassafrass, who gave him his first recording single “Under Mi Fat Thing” that was covered by many reggae artists. He was then signed by Black Scorpio Corporation which he was a singer on the sound system and recording label. He did songs like “World Is A Disaster”, “Jumbo Mi Jumbo”, “Romance For The Moment”, “Ragga Muffin”, “Unemployment”. He then moved on to Dennis Star Label which he did songs like “Mona Lisa”, “Maranda” and the hit song “Soldier In Town”. Released in 1988 on Dennis Star International records, ‘’Soldier In Town’’ by Mikey Melody is a pure late 80’s dancehall vocal over heavy digital rhythm by Firehouse Crew.

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