Mix & Fairbanks - Pleasure of Edits 3 - Mix & Fairbanks - Pleasure of Edits 3 - For the third release on new LA based Pleasure of Love, Dublin’s Mix & Fairbanks deliver tasteful reinterpretations of italo, african house, and rare 80s disco. The Dublin duo - Vinyl Record

Mix & Fairbanks - Pleasure of Edits 3

LABEL:   Pleasure Of Love

ARTISTS: Mix & Fairbanks
RELEASE DATE: 2018-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Afro Disco, Edits

On the A side, the euphoric Azoto rework is a driving disco romp for 'any time or place,' while “Purple' patiently builds on a hypnotic bass with rhodes and airy leads before a sweet flight attendant lead take off. The 'Bee Side' kicks off with a carefully crafted reimagination of an 80s african house groove with added analog leads and percussion while 'Forever' fills out the release as a peak time disco banger that’s built on the framework of a certain famously unsung disco genius.

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