monolog Featuring Bill Summers - Watermelon Man - monolog Featuring Bill Summers - Watermelon Man - Artists monolog Featuring Bill Summers Style Jazz-Funk, Funk Release Date 8 Mar 2024 Cat No. DR0006 Format 7" Vinyl - DIPPIN' RECORDS - DIPPIN' RECORDS - D - Vinyl Record

monolog Featuring Bill Summers - Watermelon Man


ARTISTS: monolog Featuring Bill Summers
RELEASE DATE: 2024-03-22
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Jazz-Funk, Funk

Yuki Kanesaka, the multi-instrumentalist/Producer who's been the Mastermind behind his monolog project recordings is back with the delicious uptempo cover of "Watermelon Man". He indulges us with star-studded features of Bill Summers, the percussionist of the Head Hunters and Curtis "Fitz" Williams, the musical director and keyboardist/saxophonist of Kool & the Gang. The backstory is, Yuki traveled all the way to Bill Summer's home studio on Valence Street, New Orleans to record Bill playing a variety of alluring percussive instruments. That includes playing Hindewhu, the style of singing/whistle-playing of Central Africa mixed with a Peruvian Pan flute Zampoña much like the infectious Head Hunters version. Other notable instrumentations include congas, and shekere and Bill's hand scratching used as a human shaker. Curtis Williams plays the lead soprano sax melody we all know and love, with some added clavinet that adds extra sugar to the watermelon funk. B side features a special drum break version called "Bill's Valence Street Jam", so you can really savor the mouthwatering groove of the Watermelon Man. Both tracks are performed, produced, mixed, and recorded by monolog aka Yuki Kanesaka.

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