Movement In The City - Black Teardrops - Artists Movement In The City Genre Jazz, South Africa Release Date Cat No. SF08 Format 12" Vinyl - Sharp Flat - Vinyl Record

Movement In The City - Black Teardrops [Warehouse Find]

LABEL:   Sharp Flat

ARTISTS: Movement In The City
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Jazz, South Africa


1981 South African Soul-Funk-Jazz from the master tape vault of the As-Shams/The Sun label by the creator of the Black Disco albums. As underground jazz fermented in the social and political powder keg of early-80s South Africa, composer and bandleader Pops Mohamed retired the Black Disco moniker in favour of Movement in the City. Their second offering yielded one of the most treasured releases in the As-Shams catalogue by way of Black Teardrops (SRK 786150), a singular blend of down-tempo and atmospheric South African rare groove featuring Dollar Brand saxophonist Basil "Manenberg" Coetzee and bass wizard Sipho Gumede on stand-out cuts like "Lament" and "Camel Walk." This carefully restored Sharp-Flat reissue in an edition of 500 puts the album back in print for the first time in 40 years.

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