Nia Archives - Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against The Wall - Artists Nia Archives Genre Drum & Bass Release Date 10 Mar 2023 Cat No. 4844126 Format 12" Red Vinyl - Vinyl Record

Nia Archives - Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against The Wall

LABEL:   Island Records

ARTISTS: Nia Archives
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-10
FORMAT: 12" Red Vinyl
GENRE: Drum & Bass

Sunrise Bang Ur Head Against The Wall is that feeling when you’ve been at a afters and you’re in someones kitchen, all these thoughts running through your head, the sun comes up and it’s the most disgusting feeling ever with an element of bliss at the same time, all you wanna do is bang your head against the wall and teleport home.

Across the EP Nia is broadly talking about growing up as a person, reaching new levels of maturity, love and loss, rejection, estrangement, the come up and the come down. Nia says that “It’s the most exciting project I’ve made yet and It’s window into the future and the kind of artist I want to become. It’s six tracks with six different moods soundtracking the recent chapter in my life.”

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