The Secret Sun Miki - The 7 Kumaras - Artists Miki Genre Techno Release Date 8 Dec 2021 Cat No. OCD.SS-FIVE Format 12" Blue Vinyl - O.C.D. Open Channel for Dreamers - O.C.D. Open Channel for Dreamers - O.C.D. Open Channel for Dreamers - O.C.D. Open Channe - Vinyl Record

Miki - The 7 Kumaras

LABEL:   O.C.D. Open Channel for Dreamers

RELEASE DATE: 2021-12-08
FORMAT: 12" Blue Vinyl
STYLE: Techno

Media Condition: Mint

Sleeve Condition: Mint

We’re at our fifth episode on The Secret Sun series and we’re thrilled to have another legendary producer taking care of it.

Miki “The Dolphin” is somebody who needs no introduction as he is, together with Francesco Farfa and Roby J, one of the pioneers of the Italian progressive scene that formed in the early 90’s in Tuscany and spread across Italy and beyond. Recognized worldwide for his productions on Interactive Test and his own Major Hypnotic Key Institute, Miki forged a solid vinyl discography that is still today very much in-demand in the second hand market, with collectors paying high prices to get their hands on the few copies around.

His intense dj set activity over the past 30 years has brought the attention of many also towards his experimental analogical works: initially realized in Florence with the connection with Franco Falsini and his Interactive Test, and later, up until the first half of the 2000’s, in Ferrara, in the recording rooms of the Adrogimus Recordings Mulino where the concepts of the Major Hypnotic Key Institute were further developed thanks to long studio sessions, both alone and with renowed trained musicians.

As it is now our modus operandi here at the OCD/SS HQ, we gained access to Miki’s personal DAT archives to scour for the goods; we are now bringing under the light of our sun two previously unreleased gem “Anse Takamaka”, created together with the late jazz bass player Bruno Corticelli, and “Shamballa”. To close the EP, we’re reissuing “Art Of Libido” a highly sought after track previously released on Interactive Test.

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