Oden & Fatzo - Lauren - Artists Oden & Fatzo Genre Disco House, Tech House Release Date 1 April 2022 Cat No. LAU1201 Format 12" Vinyl - B1 Recordings / Ministry of Sound Recordings - B1 Recordings / Ministry of Sound Recordings - B1 Recordings / Ministry - Vinyl Record

Oden & Fatzo - Lauren

LABEL:   B1 Recordings / Ministry of Sound Recordings

ARTISTS: Oden & Fatzo
RELEASE DATE: 2024-04-12
FORMAT: 12" Red Vinyl
STYLE: Disco House, Tech House

After the promo version flew off the sleeves, now comes the full picture sleeve, yellow vinyl version of French live trio, Oden & Fatzo’s chart topping, house smash hit, ‘Lauren’ limited to 1000 copies. A bootleg experiment that got out of hand, Oden & Fatzo’s Radio 1 A-listed single is the accidental hit that everyone is talking about.

So how do you go about making an ‘accidental hit’, by accident of course... The track came about when French DJ Fatzo tried to demonstrate the difference between an edit and a remix to his dad, “... I took a song from the band Men I Trust, sped it up and added a drum beat and violin. After playing it to Oden, they loved it, and in turn, added their secret ingredients.”

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