Ozone - (Our Hearts) Will Always Shine - Ozone - (Our Hearts) Will Always Shine - Artists Ozone Style Disco, Reissue Release Date 22 Mar 2024 Cat No. EXUMG11 Format 7" Vinyl - Expansion - Expansion - Expansion - Ozone - (Our Hearts) Will Always Shine - Ex - Vinyl Record

Ozone - (Our Hearts) Will Always Shine

LABEL:   Expansion

RELEASE DATE: 2024-03-22
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco, Reissue

Ozone were a group on Motown between 1980 and 1983. They were put together by Charles Alexander Glenn from Nashville where he had a band The Endeavors. He then brought his best musicians to Los Angeles where Billy Preston recommended to Motown they become the touring band for Teena Marie. They also played for Luther Vandross and then recorded five albums for Motown. “(Our Hearts) Will Always Shine, also credited as “Our Hearts (Will Always Shine)” on Motown has become a timeless and in demand modern soul record, copies of the 7” original now commanding in excess of £300. It has a Gene Page (of Barry White fame) string arrangement and is produced by the group with Michael Stokes (Creative Source, Enchantment, Magic Lady, LTD, Active Force etc)

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