Poetical Licence - Footprints - Artists Poetical Licence Genre Alternative Rock, Reissue Release Date 10 Nov 2023 Cat No. LER 1033 Format 7" Vinyl - Left Ear Records - Left Ear Records - Left Ear Records - Left Ear Records - Vinyl Record

Poetical Licence - Footprints

LABEL:   Left Ear Records

ARTISTS: Poetical Licence
RELEASE DATE: 2023-11-10
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Alternative Rock, Reissue

**Australian Import ** Highly Limited Edition re-issue of this mid 80s nugget from down under. HUGE TIP!

Poetical License was a brief project uniting Scottish born and Aotearean (New Zealand) musician Mark Airlie and keyboardist and vocalist Keri Ansley after the duo met in New Plymouth. The solitary 7” came together in 1986, recorded at the infamous Auckland studio, The Lab.

The A side’s fragile Footprints is as utterly charming as it is drenched in melancholia with a delicate glockenspiel lick and Ansley’s ethereal delivery of the vocals. On the B Side, Room 101 pivots to wonky rock and a more post-punk approach to composition. The two tracks shine brightly among an abundance of outsider gems made in Aotearoa during the 1980s.

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