Powerdance - 'Power Bang' Vinyl - Vinyl Record

Powerdance - 'Power Bang' Vinyl

LABEL:   Classic


Headed up by Classic Music Company boss Luke Solomon, alongside studio partner Lance Desardi and Chicago-born producer Nick Maurer, dance music collective Powerdance create music that never loses sight of the dancefloor. Following their critically acclaimed album ‘The Lost Art of Getting Down’, described by The Guardian as “offering an object lesson in how to take inspiration from the past and apply it to the present,”, their latest 12” ‘Power Bang’ highlights one of the standout tracks from their long-player. Kicking off the A-Side, German house legend Mousse T. delivers his outstanding Disco Shizzle Mix of ‘Power Dance’, with an undulating groove and melodic keys that make it a guaranteed party-starter. The release also features the essential accapella style ‘Power Tool’, and on the flip is the eponymous ‘Power Bang’, a stripped back, funk-laden version of the ‘Power Dance’.

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