Reflex Blue - 'Twin Waters' Vinyl - Vinyl Record

Reflex Blue - 'Twin Waters' Vinyl

LABEL:   Common Ancestors

ARTISTS: Reflex Blue
RELEASE DATE: 2022-05-06
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
GENRE: Trance, Breakbeat

Melbourne’s very own Reflex Blue takes us on a five part journey through the terrain of his mind to bring in to reality the Twin Waters EP. Through this project Reflex’s unique fusion of deep, earthy sounds and other worldly aetherial textures, help us find the way back to a primal place, buried within us all. Digital and natural worlds come together in this project to work in harmony, coupled with a healthy dose of psychedelic accents, we are left in a mind altering state somewhere between transcendent euphoria and ecstat- ic dance... We hope you enjoy the ride.

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