Romaal Kultan - No Time Like The Future - Artists Romaal Kultan Genre Deep House, Broken Beat Release Date 13 May 2022 Cat No. PERS001 Format 12" Vinyl - Personal Discs - Personal Discs - Personal Discs - Romaal Kultan - No Time Like The Future - Personal - Vinyl Record

Romaal Kultan - No Time Like The Future

LABEL:   Personal Discs

ARTISTS: Romaal Kultan
RELEASE DATE: 2022-05-13
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Deep House, Broken Beat

Following releases with YAM, Tiff’s Joints, Dr Banana and Touching Bass, artist Romaal Kultan (Ollie Malin) now inaugurates his own record label, Personal Discs.

No Time Like The Future showcases Romaal Kultan’s finest productions, charting a distinct personal trajectory between hiphop, house and broken beat. Opener One Moment Please is a sassy boom bap affair, with an unexpected nod towards jungle. Music Room, made in collaboration with producer Cypriano, is a patient, moody chugger — a tapestry of piano, organic percussion and crackly vinyl samples laced with acid.

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