Ronald Langestraat - Light Years Away (Repress) - Ronald Langestraat - Light Years Away (Repress) - Artists Ronald Langestraat Genre Soul-Jazz, Leftfield, Downtempo Release Date 12 May 2023 Cat No. SONLP-010 Format 12" Vinyl - South Of North - South Of No - Vinyl Record

Ronald Langestraat - Light Years Away (Repress)

LABEL:   South Of North

ARTISTS: Ronald Langestraat
RELEASE DATE: 2023-05-12
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Soul-Jazz, Leftfield, Downtempo

New material from the enigmatic Mr Langestraat. TIP!

"One afternoon a couple of years ago, an excited Ronald Langestraat could barely contain himself. “I’ve started dancing!” he exclaimed. “I never did it before - I’d always admired it in the past, but just wasn’t able to move like that!” But then, at the ripe old age of 81, Ronald was gripped by the urge to respond to the rhythm and express himself in this physical way.

For a man who’s dedicated his life to music, in particular Jazz with a funky Latin inflection, it feels like an especially sage realization - like the treasure at the end of a long quest, or the princess after the end-game boss. The prize is freedom, and the shapes we make on the dance floor are mirrored in that piano solo over the stanzas - a caravan that trips from smokey basement clubs all the way to Shiva’s Tandava on the edge of the universe.

The music on this album is inspired by this revelation. Although these songs were written many moons ago, their interpretation is modern, full of renewed energy, with young, yet well-worn players. While it slots neatly into the daily music practice that Ronald adheres to, it’s a new chapter in a story that is still being written - and an invitation to get in touch with your dancing self and try out some new moves."

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