Ross From Friends - Tread - Ross From Friends - Tracklist: The Daisy Love Divide Revellers A Brand New Start XXX Olympiad Grub Spatter/Splatter Morning Sun In A Dusty Room Run Life In A Mind Thresho_1.0 Thresho_1.1 - Brainfeeder - Brainfeeder - Brainfeede - Vinyl Record

Ross From Friends - Tread

LABEL:   Brainfeeder

ARTISTS: Ross From Friends
RELEASE DATE: 2021-12-03
FORMAT: 2 x 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Electronic, Bass

A1. The Daisy A2. Love Divide A3. Revellers B1. A Brand New Start B2. XXX Olympiad B3. Grub C1. Spatter/Splatter C2. Morning Sun In A Dusty Room C3. Run D1. Life In A Mind D2. Thresho_1.0 D3. Thresho_1.1

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