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Sable Blanc - Have Faith In People [Warehouse Find]

LABEL:   Salin Records

ARTISTS: Sable Blanc
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Deep House

For our 10th release, we're happy to welcome back our dear friend Sable Blanc, at his home label. The Parisian guy is constantly moving forward in his production skills and is unstoppable in his creativity. With "Have Faith In People", he created a versatile EP going from jazz laden Drum 'n' Bass (Amour Gris) over sunny house vibes (Just Goodbye) to HipHop instrumental beats (Easy Living). "Les Hirondelles de Mai" was one of the first tracks Sable Blanc came up with for this EP. It was written before we've ever heard of Covid-19 but the text line "Yes, I still have faith in people" is a message that couldn't be more on time, than now. Also, it shows the personality of the producer who strongly believes in mankind. Christophe Salin fell in love with the powerful vibe of "Amour Gris" and couldn't resist to mould it into a dancefloor intended jazz house track in his very own way, enriched with his love for details. T

ake a moment and hold the cover artwork (by Daria Salin) in your hands. Now try to see yourself on that beautiful beach beside that girl, meditating on life as you watch the Horizon. - Do you still have faith in People?

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