Saidera - Luzes Da Cidada - Artists Saidera Genre Soulful House, Brazil Release Date 26 Aug 2022 Cat No. LENG060 Format 12" Vinyl - LENG - LENG - LENG - LENG - Vinyl Record

Saidera - 'Luzes Da Cidada' Vinyl


ARTISTS: Saidera
RELEASE DATE: 2022-08-26
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Soulful House, Brazil

Joining the dots between Brazilian musical culture and the sonic melting pot that is New York City, Saidera are a trio on the rise. They’ve already released a pair of critically acclaimed, carnival-ready singles on Brooklyn’s Let’s Play House label and are now ready to make their debut on Leng Records.

The band’s roots can be traced back to a trip that Lemonade band member Alex Pasternak made to Brazil in 2014. While DJing at a house party in the bohemian Rio de Janeiro neighbourhood of Sta Teresa, Pasternak was left gobsmacked when a mysterious local singer/sambista Vadinho Freire, grabbed the mic and started freestyling lyrics and melodies over his set. Realising their instinctive musical connection, Pasternak and Freire decided to work together on some music, with New Yorker Le Chev joining them to complete the Saidera trio.

Now based in Rio and California, the group’s sun-soaked sound – which they describe as “samba disco-Afro melody” – is a cross-cultural stew in which infectious Brazilian percussion, colourful synth sounds, glistening guitars and celebratory vocals combine to create magical, life-affirming musical moments.


A1 - Luzes Da Cicada
A2 - Luzes Da Cicada (Instrumental Flute Mix)
B1 - Luzes Da Cicada (Saidera Remix)
B2 - Deixa Tudo Fluir (Uprockin’ Dub)

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