Shanti Celeste - Cutie / Shimmer - Artists Shanti Celeste Central Genre House, Bass Release Date 11 Oct 2022 Cat No. HES041 Format 12" Vinyl - Hessle Audio - Hessle Audio - Hessle Audio - Hessle Audio - Vinyl Record

Shanti Celeste - Cutie / Shimmer

LABEL:   Hessle Audio

ARTISTS: Shanti Celeste, Central
RELEASE DATE: 2022-10-11
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: House, Bass

Hessle Audio welcomes long-time friend Shanti Celeste to the label for the first time. 'Cutie' rolls out at a fast pace; it's a house banger in Shanti's unique style - a bouncing bassline, ethereal pads and her own gated vocals combine to light up dancefloors around the world. 'Shimmer' makes explicit Shanti's love of UK garage, contrasting a propulsive two step rhythm with circular melodic synth lines which dance around each other for the duration. Danish producer Central has been a fixture in Shanti's DJ sets for years, and here he provides a rolling, blissed out remix of 'Shimmer' to close out the EP.

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