Sim Nagai - Palm Dreams - Artists Sim Nagai Genre Hip-Hop Release Date 15 April 2022 Cat No. CB139-7 Format 7" Vinyl - COLD BUSTED - COLD BUSTED - COLD BUSTED - Sim Nagai - Palm Dreams - COLD BUSTED - COLD BUSTED - Vinyl Record

Sim Nagai - Palm Dreams


ARTISTS: Sim Nagai
RELEASE DATE: 2022-04-15
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Hip-Hop

Sim Nagai, the Belgian maven of sonic traveling, brings a Latin-influenced flair to the latest installment in Cold Busted's Jet Set series. Either by plane or the flight of the pelicans on the cover art, Nagai's Palm Dreams seeks to transport the listener to warmly resonating climes. "In Rotation" opens the EP with choppy electric piano chords that are soon joined by a strutting breakbeat and sunshine guitar riffs. Next up is the spacey "Cuban Delirium," adding drama to the release with vibrating key pads, flavorful percussion, and flashes of flamenco. The title cut imagines a bossa-getaway, as an angelic female voice croons over a crackling downtempo beat, celestial effects, and loungey guitar strums. The EP closes out with the beachy "Copacabana Sun," adding uptempo and uplifting instrumentation that sparkles over halftime rhythms.

Full Tracklist

1. In Rotation 2. Cuban Delirium 3. Palm Dreams 4. Copacabana Sand

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