Simple Symmetry - Sorry! We Did Something Wrong LP - Artists Simple Symmetry Genre Disco, Nu-Disco Release Date 25 February 2022 Cat No. NE001 / DIGRECLP03 Format 12" Vinyl - New Ears / DIG Records - Vinyl Record

Simple Symmetry - Sorry! We Did Something Wrong

LABEL:   New Ears / DIG Records

ARTISTS: Simple Symmetry
RELEASE DATE: 2022-02-25
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco, Nu-Disco

Normally records that take a long time to make can sound fractious, convoluted self-absorbed. This is not the case with SORRY! WE DID SOMETHING WRONG, the debut from Moscow’s Simple Symmetry, which despite taking three years to create, is a total gas to listen to.

Simple Symmetry — aka the Lipsky brothers (Sasha and Sergey) — haven’t really looked to reinvent any wheel, rather they have managed to collate a vast amount of good vibes and well-loved sonic conceits and breathe new life and colour into them. Temporarily ditching the electrifying dance music they are famous for in favour of a universal pop sound — replete with flutes, cello, “all kinds of percussion” and synths, sitar and guitars — the brothers have made an upbeat and incredibly accessible record; a tonic for these uncertain times.

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