Soichi Terada - Sounds From The Far East - Artists Soichi Terada Genre Deep House, Reissue Release Date 1 Jan 2015 Cat No. RH RSS 12U Format 2 x 12" Vinyl - Rush Hour - Rush Hour - Rush Hour - Soichi Terada - Sounds From The Far East - Rush Hour - Rush Ho - Vinyl Record

Soichi Terada - Sounds From The Far East

LABEL:   Rush Hour

ARTISTS: Soichi Terada
RELEASE DATE: 2015-01-01
FORMAT: 2 x 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Deep House, Reissue

Compiled by Hunee, 'Sounds from the Far East' features highly sought after material by legendary Japanese house producer Soichi Terada and fellow producers Shinichiro Yokota, Manabu Nagayama! Soichi Terada is an adventurous multitalent and over all a good sport. He was born in the sixties, and as a child he loved to play on his fathers' electric organ. Terada majored in Computer Science and Electric Organ and after he graduated, he founded his Far East Recording in 1989, because he couldn't find a label for his compositions at that time. The sound of Far East Recording is very much inspired by early nineties US deep house. Soichi Terada went out to parties in the late eighties, were he was equally influenced by house and hip-hop. A few years later, Terada took on producing music by using digital sampling. In the early nineties he occasionally DJ-ed with a DAT player and some reel tapes, instead of using records and turntables. "Sounds From The Far East" shines new light on Soichi Terada's label and consists of material that was originally released in the early nineties. Next to Terada's music, Hunee also selected a few tracks by fellow artist Shinichiro Yokota for this compilation, as well as 'Sun Showered', a track based on the incredible Paradise Garage gem called 'Sunshower', by Terada and Nami Shimada.

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