Sonny Ism - Clock Without Hands - Artists Sonny Ism Genre Deep House, Downtempo Release Date 3 Oct 2022 Cat No. NU005 Format 12" Vinyl - Northern Underground Records - Northern Underground Records - Northern Underground Records - Northern Underground Reco - Vinyl Record

Sonny Ism - Clock Without Hands

LABEL:   Northern Underground Records

ARTISTS: Sonny Ism
RELEASE DATE: 2022-10-03
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Deep House, Downtempo

Clock Without Hands' unfurls as a journey through fatherhood, change and loss. After Sonny Ism learnt that he was to become a father, he began recording the album with a new found post Covid inspiration. The writing process quickly kicked into gear with tracks like 'This Time' and 'Visions of Melbourne' coming to life; pseudo peaks into the future and notions of moving back to Australia after living in Scandinavia for the last 7 years. Accompanied by the rowdy and tapey deep house nodds of 'Aries Door' 'Cbd Nights' and 'Obscura', the album breaks into the soothing ambient calm of 'Clock Without Hands' and 'Solastalgia' - a musical commentary on negatively perceived environmental change. Tragically, in March 2022, Sonny Ism and his wife lost their daughter Astrid at 22 weeks to stillbirth. 'Cant Remember Forgetting You' paints the agony and grief of pregnancy loss and explores the complex and antiquated way in which society processes it. 'Clock Without Hands' is named, inspired and dedicated to his daughter Astrid as a collection of work frozen in time, a musical dear diary from the little time he shared with her.

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