Sunshine Sound - 'Happy Song (The Francois K & Walter Gibbons Edits)' Vinyl - Artists Sunshine Sound Genre Disco Release Date 8 Jul 2022 Cat No. F10001 Format 10" Vinyl - Sunshine Sound - Sunshine Sound - Sunshine Sound - Sunshine Sound - Vinyl Record

Sunshine Sound - 'Happy Song' Vinyl

LABEL:   Sunshine Sound

ARTISTS: Sunshine Sound
RELEASE DATE: 2022-07-08
FORMAT: 10" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco

Sunshine Sound is proud to present our first vinyl release: 'Happy Song', the original DJ tool from the legendary Francois K

"This is not just a bonus beat...This is THE bonus beat" This iconic rhythm track has been the source of countless samples, imitations & duplications since it first appeared in 1977. Now for the first time FK's original Edit is available as a high quality stereo recording direct from tape. You may now put away your bootlegs.

Flip it over to find the long lost Walter Gibbons Battle Edit of 'Happy Song'.

Walter Gibbons, one of NYs founding DJs, would skilfully experiment with the rhythm live on turntables at his Galaxy 21 club residency, whipping the floor into a frenzy as well as inspiring FK to create his famous Edit. What you may not know is that Walter also worked on his own version of Happy Song. Pulsing with primordial stereo syncopation, Walter's previously unheard Battle Edit could be considered the Director's Cut.

This is just the beginning, prepare to amend the history books. Package includes hand-stamped sleeve and information inlay.

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