Terrace - Cocoonings - Artists Terrace Genre Electro, Techno Release Date 8 Nov 2022 Cat No. DSR/EEVO008 Format 12" Vinyl - Delsin - Delsin - Delsin - Terrace - Cocoonings - Delsin - Delsin - Vinyl Record

Terrace - Cocoonings

LABEL:   Delsin

ARTISTS: Terrace
RELEASE DATE: 2022-11-08
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Electro, Techno

Stefan Robbers returns with his original classic Terrace moniker and presents four tracks touching the brilliance of original melodic Detroit techno and electro. Opener 'Janeiro Joy' is driving, smooth and dreamy dancefloor track, 'Bass Star' goes slightly darker, with it's intriguing acidic bassline. B-side brings the rhythmic more complex 'Cocoons' , the EP closes with 'Seismic Space' an airy UR-styled electro-track.

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