The Cosmologist - Cosmology Volume 5 - Artists The Cosmologist Genre Disco, Edits Release Date 24 Feb 2023 Cat No. UTI1205 Format 12" Vinyl - Under The Influence Records - Under The Influence Records - Under The Influence Records - Under The Influence Rec - Vinyl Record

The Cosmologist - Cosmology Volume 5

LABEL:   Under The Influence Records

ARTISTS: The Cosmologist
RELEASE DATE: 2023-02-24
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco, Edits

In the unobservable reaches of the universe sits the Cosmologist, surrounded by 12-inch vinyl artifacts found on a tiny planet in another galaxy. Earth, they called it. Sci-fi sonic scalpel in hand, he gets to work on two gems from a bygone era. The A side, a rare 1980’s UK new wave whirlwind, given a drum-focused reconstruction aimed directly at the dancefloor, and the B an afrobeat masterpiece gets an expert interplanetary rework.
Dusting off the original promo sheet, it states that the A side entered Balearic folklore as a much-loved Rampling secret weapon at Shoom. Unlike any other record of that era, it features LSD-soaked drums, a barnstorming bassline and a piano riff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Severed Heads cut, finetuned and re-crafted with that space age touch.
On the B, a magical afrobeat rhythm steeped in history whose spirit and style has traversed decades, dancefloors and galaxies. An exploration of a great, reworked and recalibrated with extra-terrestrial resonations.

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