The Equatics - Doin It - Artists The Equatics Genre Soul, Funk, Reissue Release Date 7 Apr 2023 Cat No. NA5062LP Format 12" Vinyl - Now Again - Now Again - Now Again - Now Again - Vinyl Record

The Equatics - Doin It

LABEL:   Now Again

ARTISTS: The Equatics
RELEASE DATE: 2023-04-07
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Soul, Funk, Reissue

Lost dark soul/funk masterpiece from Hampton, Virginia high school champions of Pepsi’s “New Sounds Of 1972” challenge. The stories of great high school funk bands are, thanks to an abundance of reissues, commonplace. The tales of great high school soul-bands are still rare. A ballad or two on the random Douglass High School Stage Band album or Timeless Legend’s mesmerizing entry on Columbus’s 1972 1st Annual Inner City Talent Expo notwithstanding, high school bands rarely struck into the realm of “grown folks” music. Enter The Equatics and their brooding masterpiece Doin’ It!!!! If this is categorized as a “funk” album – and it was for the last ten years, by those few lucky enough to own an original copy – it holds its own. But it was as a soul band, one as inspired by the melancholic musings of Bill Withers as the psychedelic-pop of the self-proclaimed “Black Moses,” Issac Hayes – that the Equatics shone. These young souls offered world-weary, beat-heavy ballads that stand on par with any of the great independent organizations of the early 1970s. That a group of teenagers could offer such an angst-ridden plea as that of Leo Davis’s “Merry Go Round” not only transcends the limitations that came from the band’s average age (seventeen, at the time of the album’s recording), but also the barriers the stood in front of this group of small-city hopefuls This official reissue was licensed by the Equatics’ bandleader, bass player Benjamin Crawford.

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