Artists The Irresistible Force, Ramjac Corporation Genre Ambient, Acid House Release Date March 25, 2022 Cat No. MPD035 Format 12" Vinyl - Vinyl Record

The Irresistible Force Vs Ramjac Corporation - Live At The Brain 1990

LABEL:   Musique Pour La Danse

ARTISTS: The Irresistible Force, Ramjac Corporation
RELEASE DATE: 2022-03-25
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
GENRE: Ambient, Acid House

An historical live recording at The Brain Club that captures the unique vibe and flow of a brand new life-changing musical era in 1990 London Soho. Includes liner notes by The Brain club co-owner Sean McLusky, writer ("Bass, Mids, Tops") and DJ Joe Muggs and original sleeve art by the other The Brain club co-owner Mark Wigan, like you were back there. For fans of ambient, acid house, and fucking brilliant live music!!


A1 - Irresitable Force - Medley #1
A2 - Ramjac Corporation - Wikki Loop
A3 - Ramjac Corporation - Para Ti
A4 - Irresistible Force - Let's Go Swimming
A5 - Ramjac Corporation - Massif
B1 - Irresitble Force - Medley #2
B2 - Ramjac Corporation - Keep on Turning On
B3 - Irrestible Force - Finale

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