The Still Brothers - Wake Up - Artists The Still Brothers Genre Alternative Rock, Soul, Breakbeat Release Date 1 Jan 2020 Cat No. LEWIS 1105 Format 7" Vinyl - Lewis Recordings - Lewis Recordings - Lewis Recordings - The Still Brothers - Wake Up - Lewis Re - Vinyl Record

The Still Brothers - Wake Up

LABEL:   Lewis Recordings

ARTISTS: The Still Brothers
RELEASE DATE: 2020-01-01
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Alternative Rock, Soul, Breakbeat

Media Condition: Near Mint

Sleeve Condition: Near Mint

‘Wake Up’ was created in the winter of 2019 in New York on a cloudy day.

The song's bones were sculpted in the classic Still Brothers' fashion; in a bedroom somewhere in the tristate area, making use of a collection of favourite sounds. It came to life when Brazilian friend and collaborator Marina B heard the track in her sleep and thought of the song's lyrics as she woke up.

It might take you to that place in-between dreams and the waking life, where you are pulled in and out of a state of slumber and your conscious mind peeks at prophetic visions, or dreamy hallucinations. It incidentally speaks to the abrupt change that was about to fall upon the world in early 2020, with its first line eerily, yet lovingly calling the unknown Maria to wake up, warning her that "the world has transformed, the rules have changed" and "[she] will have to get used to it." Between the singing in Portuguese and the sounds of subway doors, the song is just alienating enough to make anyone these days to feel right at home.

‘Wake Up’ was mixed by Will Dorey aka Skinshape and mastered by Alex DeTurk. The cover art was designed by Sofia Ohanna.

The Still Brothers are Andrew LeCoche (Ula Ruth) and Evan Heinze (The Shacks)

Marina B is an artist from Natal in the Northeast of Brazil. She has always written but only recently began making music after moving to New York. She likes to write about spirituality, love and daily life. She connected with Evan from The Still Brothers and has since begun creating and collaborating with them on a regular basis. She loves rooftops, the rain and the sea.

Sofia Ohanna is also an artist from Natal in the Northeast of Brazil and a childhood friend of Marina B. Marina introduced Sofia to The Still Brothers and they were immediately drawn to her style and eye. Whether it is a painting, drawing, photograph or graphic design she is able to capture the forward motion of life in a still image.

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