Thomass Jackson / Inigo Vontier - Calypso Cult II - Artists Thomass Jackson / Inigo Vontier Genre Techno, Tech House, House Release Date 1 Jan 2022 Cat No. MC059 Format 12" Brown Vinyl - Multi Culti - Multi Culti - Multi Culti - Multi Culti - Vinyl Record

Thomass Jackson / Inigo Vontier - Calypso Cult II

LABEL:   Multi Culti

ARTISTS: Thomass Jackson / Inigo Vontier
RELEASE DATE: 2022-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Brown Vinyl
STYLE: Techno, Tech House, House

Multi Culti conjure Calypso Cult once again with this split ep from Iñigo Vontier & Thomass Jackson. Fresh off back-to-back seasons of Tuluminati rituals, these two well-worn chug warriors of dark disco have kept Mexico dancing throughout the pandemic, maintaining a prolific release schedule on top of a world-leadingly busy calendar of gigs. Thomass Jackson turns in a pair of wonky eyes-closed bangers with the modular-flecked ‘Big Plastic Room,’ and the restrained ecstatic power of ‘Slow Train.’ Iñigo fires back with the twerky, tribal madness of ‘Jungle Tungle’ and the meandering mushroom-inspired-madness of ‘Hipocampos.’

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