Tim Reaper & Kloke - Museum / Flow State - Artists Tim Reaper, Kloke Genre Jungle, Drum & bass Release Date 30 Sept 2022 Cat No. K7416 Format 12" Vinyl - !K7 Records - !K7 Records - !K7 Records - Tim Reaper & Kloke - Museum / Flow State - !K7 Records - !K - Vinyl Record

Tim Reaper & Kloke - Museum / Flow State

LABEL:   !K7 Records

ARTISTS: Tim Reaper, Kloke
RELEASE DATE: 2022-09-30
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Jungle, Drum & bass

Media Condition: Near Mint

Sleeve Condition: Near Mint

‘Museum / Flow State’ is a collaboration between British nouveau junglist Tim Reaper and Antipodean producer Kloke; this union within the thrilling new generation of jungle artists culminates in a set of disparate yet compelling spheres of sound. These productions are a side consequence of back-and-forth sessions between the two for the acclaimed Meeting Of The Minds series housed on Tim Reaper's label, Future Retro London. The artists were spurred on by the myths and legends of 1990s London’s most celebrated epicentres from across the DnB continuum.  

“Flow State” takes inspiration from Speed, Fabio and LTJ Bukem’s seminal club night in London’s West End, where the mid-’90s jungle blueprint iterated into soulful, jazzy liquid. As its name suggests, “Flow State” is beautifully rolling and detail oriented, layered and warmly spacious, as it generously serves desires that are both cerebral and bodily.

“Museum” is pure kinetic energy, from its suspenseful looped intro through its jagged edges. The track takes its cues from the iconoclastic Sunday night Metalheadz residency in London’s Hoxton, where the leading edge of drum & bass was carved out under the guidance of Goldie and Grooverider in close, sweaty proximity. “Museum” shapeshifts swiftly through soft-hard dynamics, pairing explosive drum programming and intricate sound design with seductive melodic breaks that hit you in the core, transporting the listener into the pitch of its deep junglist heritage.

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