TLC - CrazySexyCool - TLC - CrazySexyCool - Artists TLC Style Hip Hop, R&B Release Date 1 Jan 2016 Cat No. 88985367951 Format 2 x 12" Vinyl - LaFace Records - LaFace Records - LaFace Records - TLC - CrazySexyCool - LaFace Records - LaFace Records - Vinyl Record

TLC - CrazySexyCool

LABEL:   LaFace Records

RELEASE DATE: 2016-01-01
FORMAT: 2 x 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Hip Hop, R&B

CrazySexyCool is the second studio album by American girl group TLC, released on November 15, 1994, by LaFace and Arista Records. Following the group's record deal, they released their debut album Ooooooohhh... On the TLC Tip in 1992 to positive reviews and commercial success.

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