Two Cold - Desert Leather EP - Artists Two Cold Genre Electro, Techno, Acid Release Date 1 Jan 2023 Cat No. MAD006X Format 12" Vinyl - M.A.D Records - M.A.D Records - M.A.D Records - M.A.D Records - Vinyl Record

Two Cold - Desert Leather EP

LABEL:   M.A.D Records

RELEASE DATE: 2023-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Electro, Techno, Acid

Two Cold, a name synonymous with the number two and of course, ice cold beats. Even though the London based brothers haven’t actually released any music yet, their coming has been foretold by a growing chill that has permeated the dance music stratosphere. Legs beginning to quiver and shake? That’s Two Cold. Hips involuntarily gyrating in an attempt to stay warm? Two Cold. Jaw chattering like maracas? It’s those frosty boys, you’d better believe it. If you like your dance music to take you on a psychedelic journey through time and space, the DESERT LEATHER EP is for you. Winding passages that explore breaks, bleeps, bass and beyond. Genre defying influences snatched from every dimension of the dance diaspora. Inescapable body-rocking beats that echo through your very bones so hard that even your ancestors have a boogie. The DESERT LEATHER EP will expand your mind to the very edge of the horizon, where earth and sky meet and where all laws of nature are meaningless.

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