Unknown - Baby Baby Please - Artists Unknown Genre House, Disco, Edits Release Date 8 Jul 2022 Cat No. ART001 Format 12" Vinyl - Gallery - Gallery - Gallery - Gallery - Vinyl Record

Unknown - Baby Baby Please

LABEL:   Gallery

ARTISTS: Unknown
RELEASE DATE: 2022-07-06
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: House, Disco Edits

Causing shock waves across Trafalgar Square at the recent People’s Vote March this ludicrously large, galactic gem finally sees the light of day on 12”, backed with a rapturous disco roof raiser.

The crescendo to a protest and a track that many have been scouring the internet for ever since, ‘Baby Baby Please’ couples a huge ‘70s vocal with a perfectly accompanied stomping ‘80s arp-laden beat to create a record that will light the fire of revolution in even the most indifferent of souls.

Flip it over for a cosmic-tinged, disco powerhouse in the form of ‘True Destiny’. Think glitz, glam and downright unadulterated ecstasy, channelled from disco’s glory days to the modern dancefloor at the drop of a needle.

Like the track, support the movement - donations will be made to the cause.

Early support from… one or two of the best DJs in the world as no other **** has it.

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