Various - Insomnia - Artists Genre Trance, Techno Release Date 6 May 2022 Cat No. SUPLU007 Format 12" Vinyl - Superluminal - Superluminal - Superluminal - Superluminal - Vinyl Record

Various - Insomnia

LABEL:   Superluminal

RELEASE DATE: 2022-05-06
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Trance, Techno

V° aka Phil Moon was already musically active in the past under the name of DJ Valium, releasing with DJ Hell's label Gigolo Records, He has gifted us with a spellbinding track recorded a long time ago as a collaboration with Toon Bosschaert. An unacknowledged presence that goes by the name Greyfox has given to the EP a real cybertronic development...Italian DJ and Producer from the sub-world Marco Bellini born in 1964 initiate the B side with "Punto G" (Rework) a primitive Techno-Trance sub-harmonic revolution. Sigmatibet (AKA Paolo Gozzetti) is a producer and an influential musician that debuted in 1991. He contributed massively to the Italian techno and rave scene in the nineties, his track "Benz" is such a retro, gritty 12bittish jam we luckily managed to recover from an old DAT, a gem almost lost in time.

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