Various - GMI Jam Venice - Artists [ "Hawaiian Chips", "Autre", "Two Thou" ] Genre Deep House, Italo House Release Date Cat No. GFTDCVLTR002 Format 12" Vinyl - Gifted Culture - Gifted Culture - Gifted Culture - Gifted Culture - Vinyl Record

Various - 'GMI Jam Venice' Vinyl

LABEL:   Gifted Culture

ARTISTS: Hawaiian Chips, Autre, Two Thou
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Deep House, Italo House


Gifted Culture collective is ready to unleash the second jam session of the announced trilogy. GMI Jam Venice comes from the filth and the mug of the abandoned ex-industrial area in the outskirts of Venice. There, Autre and Two Thou invade Hawaiian Chips’ top-notch studio, where all together ride 70’s synthesizer rarities and try to domesticate the monstrous Yamaha CS 80. This jam, inspired by the post-industrial Venetian scenario, dives between the dreams of archetypal electronic music and reminiscences of psychedelic progressive bands, giving birth to two long journeys ready to gently carry the dance floor into the outer space.

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