Various - Monkey Jumps - Artists Various Genre Breakbeat, Hardcore Release Date 10 December 2021 Cat No. 13MRLP003 Format 12" Vinyl - 13Monkeys Records - 13Monkeys Records - 13Monkeys Records - 13Monkeys Records - Vinyl Record

Various - Monkey Jumps

LABEL:   13Monkeys Records

ARTISTS: Various
RELEASE DATE: 2021-12-10
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Breakbeat, Hardcore

We have no words to describe the great reception we received with our latest release 13MRLP003 and that is why we have decided to launch this limited edition of only 150 copies for the most fanatics of the jumpsuit, in colour (Crystal Water) a mix of colours "Transparent, Solid Silver & Solid Blue"

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