Various - Spiritual Jazz 15: A Tribute to 'Trane - Artists Various Genre Hard Bop, Jazz Release Date 24 Nov 2023 Cat No. JMANLP138 Format 2 x 12" Vinyl - Jazzman - Jazzman - Jazzman - Jazzman - Vinyl Record

Various - Spiritual Jazz 15: A Tribute to 'Trane

LABEL:   Jazzman

ARTISTS: Various
RELEASE DATE: 2023-11-24
FORMAT: 2 x 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Hard Bop, Jazz

Many artists achieve greatness but very few produce work that is so moving it's considered sacred. Whether you choose to call them hymns, psalms or spirituals, their songs are a healing force for troubled times. We feel close to these prophets, in recognition of their uncommon labours. It is as if they have given all of themselves, body and soul, through music.

We can safely say that our Spiritual Jazz series would not exist without the inspiration and leadership of the spiritual messiah that is John Coltrane. It can only be right and proper that we dedicate a whole album to his legacy and lasting influence. Spiritual Jazz 15 – A Tribute to 'Trane shines a spotlight on the reverence in which the saxophonist is held in so many ways.

On one hand our selection displays cover versions of his songs performed by the musicians he inspired; disciples to Coltrane the messiah, who chose to give praise to the one who laid a foundation for them. The listener will also encounter original music written in honour of Coltrane that underlines the endless presence he has had among artists from different backgrounds and eras.

The preacher may have ascended to a higher plane, but his congregation is still right down here on the ground. Ten songs to lift the spirits of everyone, everywhere.

Housed in a 2LP gatefold with pics and liner notes by Kevin Le Gendre.

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