Yalla Miku - Yalla Miku - Artists Yalla Miku Genre Psychedelic, Rock Release Date 31 Mar 2023 Cat No. BJR83LP Format 12" Vinyl - Les Disques Bongo Joe - Vinyl Record

Yalla Miku - Yalla Miku

LABEL:   Les Disques Bongo Joe

ARTISTS: Yalla Miku
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-31
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Psychedelic, Rock

Bongo Joe Records is pleased to announce the release of Yalla Miku's debut album. It is a new way of combining African, European, electronic, acoustic and electric music and cultures. The project was launched by Cyril Cyril duo, then joined by Simone Aubert and Vincent Bertholet from Hyperculte and three musicians with migrant backgrounds: the Moroccan Anouar Baouna, the Eritrean Samuel Ades and the Algerian Ali Bouchaki.

For its initiators, the idea was not to appropriate a non-European heritage and to interpret it in the company of musicians from these countries. They opted for a more radical approach: to propose a base of compositions on which the migrant musicians then worked with their instruments, which range from the derbouka to the guembri via the krar, the Eritrean lyre.

The album, nourished by these stage performances, was recorded in autumn 2021. The result is full of vibrations, unusual sounds and life experiences. Sung in Arabic, Tigrigna and French, the lyrics glide over throbbing rhythms, borrowing from gnawa, krautrock and electro trance. Their eponymous debut album sounds like a call to travel beyond the barriers of sound, a call to a horizon without a visa. 

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