COLDCUTS // The Soundstealers - Steal It An' Deal It (Sahara Dance Mix)

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Heels & Souls Recordings are back with another huge reissue, following the success of their 'Special Touch - Garden of Life' release last year. This time they bring us an EP of digger delights from Frankfurt’s under the radar production trio of Manfred Holz, Michael Buchner and Jürgen Blömke. Operating under two different aliases, on the A is The Soundstealers’ revered '80s electro nugget, 'Steal It An Deal It'. The flip brings to light the obscure acid chugger ‘Amazonia’, complete with a balearic rework from London’s tropical twosome Good Block.


We are very happy to premiere the A1 'Steal It An' Deal It (The Sahara Dance Mix)' before the release of the full EP next week!



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