Alvvays - 'Not My Baby' Vinyl - Artists Alvvays Genre Indie, Alternative Release Date 2 Aug 2022 Cat No. P7 6300 Format 7" Vinyl - P-Vine Japan - P-Vine Japan - P-Vine Japan - Alvvays - 'Not My Baby' Vinyl - P-Vine Japan - P-Vine Japan - Vinyl Record

Alvvays - 'Not My Baby' Vinyl

LABEL:   P-Vine Japan

ARTISTS: Alvvays
RELEASE DATE: 2022-08-02
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Indie, Alternative

Back in 2014, Alvvays had the world in their hands. As a sum of their parts, the guitars jangled like they did in the 80s, the drums felt lifted from Scottish classic records where the snares rattled through reverberating halls, and Molly Rankin's vocals towered above in dreamy horizons. As a unit, the band produced a string of some of the best indie-pop singles seen this side of the century. "Not My Baby" and "Next of Kin" are included on the special edition 7" single from P-VINE. 

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