Janice Walker - You'll Never Need Somebody - Janice Walker - You'll Never Need Somebody - Artists Janice Walker Genre Lovers Rock Release Date 1 Jan 2023 Cat No. MISSYOU029 Format 12" Vinyl - Miss You Records - Miss You Records - Miss You Records - Janice - Vinyl Record

Janice Walker - You'll Never Need Somebody

LABEL:   Miss You Records

ARTISTS: Janice Walker
RELEASE DATE: 2023-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Lovers Rock

Lovers Rock at its finest with a beautiful cover version of Merlyn Brooks' "You'll Never Need Somebody". Originally released in 1981 this release is the work of Reggae heavyweight Geoffrey Chung (who also worked on Dhaima with Phillip Michael Thomas, previously released on MISSYOU). This release features the original 7" version along with a small collection of other new mixes. On the A side, the Dub Organiser skillfully extends the original 3 minute track into a 7 and a half minute long trip along with a new "Dub" version, respectfully re-mixed from the original multitracks 40 years later. On the B-side, the mixing console is handed over to a dedicated student of Dub, the Swiss Androo who's clearly no stranger to studio work when it comes to dubby landscapes. Elegantly walking the tightrope between traditional approaches and raw experimentation with 3 new mixes, each with very unique feelings.

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