Jerry Blacksheer - Defected - Artists Jerry Blacksheer Genre Disco Release Date 25 March 2022 Cat No. ATH116 Format 7" Vinyl Special Variant Features Single, Reissue - Athens of the North - Athens of the North - Athens of the North - Athens of the North - Vinyl Record

Jerry Blacksheer - Defected

LABEL:   Athens of the North

ARTISTS: Jerry Blacksheer
RELEASE DATE: 2022-03-25
FORMAT: 7" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco

Was unsure if to do this Modern rarity on 45 due to there being no master tapes and the original pressing is really rough with loads of sibilance, but having had so many requests to put this out I thought fuck it, the end result came out better than the OG but nonetheless ill get crucified by the discogs police but ill take it :) and the rest of us can have this Modern banger in our box without having to sell your car.

What it lacks in audio quality, it makes up for in musicality ten times over, a genuine two-sided 7" of modern soul royalty, rare and good.

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