Jex Opolis - Bad Timin' Vol. 4 - Jex Opolis - Bad Timin' Vol. 4 - Artists Jex Opolis Style Progressive House Release Date 2 Feb 2024 Cat No. BDTIMIN004 Format 12" Vinyl - Bad Timin - Bad Timin - Bad Timin - Jex Opolis - Bad Timin' Vol. 4 - Bad Timin - Bad - Vinyl Record

Jex Opolis - Bad Timin' Vol. 4

LABEL:   Bad Timin

ARTISTS: Jex Opolis
RELEASE DATE: 2024-02-02
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Progressive House

Number 4 in the Bad Timin' series is here, featuring a quartet of shovel-ready tunes perfect for ur club set, radio show or gym session. Let the gains begin... Six months in the making, the "Sound Man" (aka Jex Opolis) spent the extended winter slumped in his studio crafting these tunes... "Pneumatic" builds pressure with crunchy synth riffs, while "Molecools" drops slide guitar over some proggy breaks. Filling out the EP are two mixes of "Catalytic," a tune that came to life after the muffler on Jexy's 2003 Toyota went kaput.

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