Joel Graham - Geomancy - Joel Graham - Geomancy - Artists Joel Graham Genre Abstract, Leftfield, Minimal Release Date 1 Jan 2015 Cat No. MFM006 Format 12" Vinyl - Music From Memory - Music From Memory - Music From Memory - Joel Graham - Geomancy - Music F - Vinyl Record

Joel Graham - Geomancy

LABEL:   Music From Memory

ARTISTS: Joel Graham
RELEASE DATE: 2015-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Abstract, Leftfield, Minimal

An obscure tape release discovery by Red Light Radio founder and close friend of the label, Orpheu de Jong, led to Music From Memory�s latest release.This two track 12� highlights the work of electronic music pioneer Joel Graham, a San Francisco based artist who self released two cassettes in 1984/85. Originally recorded and performed live on pre-MIDI analogue equipment in 1982 as an outline for a live performance, these visionary tracks provoke much of the same sensibilities found in both contemporary dance music as well as in works of more established vanguard artists of the time. Slowly unravelling and deeply hypnotic, Joel Graham�s music seems to manifest a doorway to a profound new world and can be seen as a forerunner of what was to come in electronic music.

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