Las Deblas - Zorongo - Artists Las Deblas Style Electronic, Latin, Disco, Balearic Release Date 1 Jan 2024 Cat No. MISSYOU032 Format 12" Vinyl - Miss You Records - Miss You Records - Miss You Records - Las Deblas - Zorongo - Miss You Records - Miss You Re - Vinyl Record

Las Deblas - Zorongo

LABEL:   Miss You Records

ARTISTS: Las Deblas
RELEASE DATE: 2024-01-01
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Electronic, Latin, Disco, Balearic

Spanish flamenco gypsy orchestral disco originally released as 7" in 1977, officially re-issued in 12" with an extended edit of "Zorongo" FULL DESCRIPTION : Two Spanish slow disco tracks from 1977, originally released in 7" format, brought back in 12" format with an additional extended edit, very respectful to the original. "Zorongo" is a re-interpretation of a Andalucian popular folk song with Arabic influence, a gypsy love song from ancient times which was collected and presented by Spanish poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca before his death/disappearing during the Spanish Civil War. Jobam's new arrangement gives it a heavy downtempo disco facelift, taking the original gypsy warrior intensities of dealing with love and contrasting them with a beautiful orchestral string driven addition to the theme. Heavy Balearic, emotionally loaded gypsy business, something one could very easily imagine hearing at a 10 hour Harvey set in Pikes, Ibiza.

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