Luca Lozano - Man of Science - Artists Luca Lozano Genre House, Banger Release Date 24 Feb 2023 Cat No. Wrecks041 Format 12" Vinyl - Klasse Wrecks - Klasse Wrecks - Klasse Wrecks - Klasse Wrecks - Vinyl Record

Luca Lozano - Man of Science

LABEL:   Klasse Wrecks

ARTISTS: Luca Lozano
RELEASE DATE: 2023-03-10
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: House, Banger

Hot release alert!!! WRECKS041 is a sampler of Luca Lozano's recent 'Man of Science' album. Previously only available on compact disc the EP now puts together four of the most successful and sought-after tracks on wax. The title track, 'Man Of Science' opens with sampled words from astrophysicist and planetry scientist Neil Degrasse Tyson and hints at the overarching theme of the original album. Tracks like 'Prognosis' and 'Make Peace' show off Lozano's flair and interest in early Progressive House and Tribal Techno, with addictive grooves and unique collages of familiar but new sonic elements that hark back to dance music's history. The result is, as usual with Lozano's work, defiant of genres and difficult to pigeon hole but always irresistably tasty

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