Marc Grusane - Neighboursoul Edits Vol 3 - Artists Marc Grusane Genre Disco, Edits Release Date 7 Apr 2023 Cat No. NBS004 Format 12" Vinyl - NeighbourSoul Rhythms - Vinyl Record

Marc Grusane - Neighboursoul Edits Vol 3

LABEL:   NeighbourSoul Rhythms

ARTISTS: Marc Grusane
RELEASE DATE: 2023-04-07
FORMAT: 12" Vinyl
STYLE: Disco, Edits

NeighbourSoul Rhythms ain't playing around with this one. The third installment of its acclaimed NeighbourSoul Edits ranges from space disco to funk, and it's guaranteed to get your booty shaking on the dancefloor! This fourth release to date is all about the disco vibes, and Mark Gursane delivers the goods. If you're a fan of Felipe Gordon, Rahaan, or Jacques Renault, you already know what's up. “NeighbourSoul Edits Vol.3” is a fourth track banger focused on one thing and one thing only - making you dance. These four disco-funk cuts are tailor-made for the club, and they're sure to get the party started.

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